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Promoting Excellence in Education, Research, and Patient care in Neuropelveology

The International School of Neuropelveology - ISNP, has been created by Prof. Marc Possover, a pioneer of laparoscopy in Gyn-Oncology and Endometriosis Surgery. Based on his experience in laparoscopic radical pelvic surgery, he explored and discovered the „world of the pelvic nerves“ by laparoscopy and developed a groundbreaking new discipline in medicine, the neuropelveology. This emerging discipline is the only focusing on pathologies of the pelvic nervous system on a cross-disciplinary basis. ISNP is the first of its kind professional training center in Neuropelveology in the World. Our workshops  and courses are designed to help professionals develop their knowledges in "Neuropelveological Diagnosis" (the Key in Neuropelveology!), surgical skills in laparoscopic pelvic neurosurgical procedures and LION procedures and to become finally a "Master in Neuropelveologe". Our education program explores in each pelvic neuropathies and pathologies of the central nervous system, preoperative diagnosis, potential neurofunctional surgical therapy including postoperative management, through a three-day workshop combining theory and practical training and "hands-on laparoscopic/robotic dissection on cadavers. Courses are based on the Internal Society of Neuropelveology standards. Successful completion is recognized by a certified ISON diplomas (Level 1 and 2)  or Master Level diploma (Level 3) depending on prior experience.

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